About – My Walk with JC

My walk with JC (Jesus Christ) has been an interesting but at times a hard walk. There have been times were I have cried out and wondered where god was, was he listening, would he answer my prayers. But in the last three years I have seen a turn around in my life. God has revealed himself to me as loving father who wants to get beside his children and see the reach there potential.

 Numerous times over the last few years god has answered my prayers through his word, through friends, through church leaders, through providing for me. Only six month ago a landed a new job (which really happy with) plus now I am living in nice place with three christian guys. On top of that I am begining to experience the joy and some of the abundant life JC promised. I am growing in self worth and confidence. I am also feeling closer and closer to god.

 There are still areas I am not sure about and I wonder what going to happen. But I know my god is a faithful  and loving god who will complete what he has begun in me, he will never, never, never leave me nor forsake me.

Jesus unconditional love never fails. This is what god has been revealing to me recently. sometimes its hard but I can trust him.


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