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October 29, 2006

It hasnt been easy the last few weeks because I have been going through emotion growth and learning to adapt to change. Early in the week my emotions were all over the place i was feeling anxious. I have been anxious about moving sections it seems trivial now because I am staying with the same department (Aust Bureau of stats) but i am just changing teams. But I guess part of me liked security of where I was and changing sections means moving into a foreign area and working with a totally different group of people. Adding to the stress I have been looking to buy a house and I guess I have allowed myself to be affected by some of these agents encouraging me to buy now or you will miss out. The good things is bit by bit I am getting things into perspective and I am taking my time with the house hunting. I am also learning not to pile things on my plate and take each day as it comes. I am learning to go with the flow more and just enjoy life and not to set agendas as I have tending to do in the past. Yesterday I had a really enjoyable day just dong my usual shopping and then went to the movies and went to time zone and chated with a friend online. Whats helped to is just keeping things simple not trying to work everything out, handing things to god and talking to him about how I feel. I have also been spending more time with friends and praying together and I have found my desire to spend time reading the bible has increased. I have had some really blessed times just listening to worship music and reading my bible. I am greatful that god has blessed me with good friends to support me. Thanks be to god that he is always with me even when I am doing it tough (he will never leave me nor forsake me).