Step by step I am growing

Sometimes I seem to get pretty shaken up by the enemy, but step by step I am beginning to see who has the real power and authority. Two weeks ago I was struggling with rejection (as I mentioned in my last blogg). Then through a simple prayer the lies of the enemy telling me I was rejected were broken off my life. Just recently I had another attack over a few nights, I would wake up feeling anxious. But I realised the other day the enemy was just having a go at me and I took authority and in Jesus name told him where to go. Last night I slept better but I still had to fight, the enemy tested me out to see whether I would just go with it or hold my ground.

In the past I would not recognise his attacks and I was plagues by condemnation. But I now know that christ in one simple act set me free of all condemnation. He paid for my sins in full. I was short of the mark as we all are “for all have fallen short of the glory of god”. But Jesus paid for all sin past, present and future. No longer am I under law but I am made righteous through faith in Jesus christ and what he did for me on the cross.

The truth is that although i read about what Jesus did for me I did not really get it until god revealed to me through his holy spirit. He gave me a free gift of forgiveness, which the world cant take away. God loves his children so much, he wants to be reconciled with them. “For god so loved the world that whoever believeth in him would not parish and die but have eternal life in heaven.”

Jesus not only paid for our sins but he defeated the enemy, he paraded the enemy around and made a display of him. Jesus is now above every power and principality. He defeated death once and for all by his strip there is healing. In christ lies the victory. Step by step I am seeing this and taking hold of the truth. I pray that one day we will see the church walking in the fullness of what Jesus promised, walking in power that he has given us. The same power that rised Jesus from the dead is in me if I have received the Holy spirit.

Bit by bit I am recognising that we have authority in christ Jesus, that we dont have to be pushed round by the enemy. That Jesus has a plan for my life, that he want me to be filled with life.Not the kind of material life the world offers. It isnt about having more or about prestige. It is about know that you are precious in gods eyes, that you matter, that god had a plan for your life even before you were born and that watches over you. Its about the fact you have a future in him. Its also about see that he uses ever step of your life to grow you if you love him and allow him to. The fact that he wants to have a relationship with you and he wants you to share in fellowship with others. Its the fact that he cares about even you little needs and desires. The fact we are part of something bigger than our selves. It about all the promises which he has given to his children and the heritance that is ours. The fact that he freely gives to us and loves us unconditionally. He will not give a man a snake when he asks for bread. The father offers us living water, that gives us strength to continue on. He offers obey and joy that is beyond understanding, that is beyond any circumstances. It amazes me that paul was locked away, shipwrecked, beaten and went through all sorts of tragedies yet you was strong in god, he never gave up and infact he rejoice in adversity because he saw there was a much bigger price awaiting him.

Paul saw many miracles and touched many lives. But the truth was not just for paul its for all of us, we can do things greater than what jesus did if we believe it (Jesus said so). Praise be to god for what he has done and the promises he has given us. I pray that I am others would come to receive this fullness, to truelly walk in abundant life and be as Jesus to the world, demonstrating love and living the abundant life. That we would stand boldly declaring gods truth and bringing other into gods living water which he freely pours out.

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4 Comments on “Step by step I am growing”

  1. Mark Wilson Says:

    Yes! Bingo! You got it! Woooo! Well done mate!

  2. Eliz Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Struggling with rejection too. Was encouraged when I read this post.


  3. Very encouraging words. I like your blog.

  4. johnnyg Says:

    Thanks Eliz and John I’m glad you were encouraged. I guess thats why sharing is so important we learn from each other

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